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Unable to use different config files unless renamed to OSDAppChooserConfig.xml.

Feb 7, 2012 at 10:38 PM
I created a few Config.xml files.
One was for core apps and the other for business area specific apps.
1. the Core app config.xml is being called seperatly to install all common apps between several business areas.
the command I used was OSDAppChooser /config:CoreAppConfig.xml /appset:common
2. The Business area is a second task to install the apps the tech selected via the gui.
the commnad i used was OSDAppChooser /config:AllBusinessConfig.xml

During testing the OSDAppChooser does never displays the GUI. I checked the log and I find the following error for both times I executed OSDAppChooser

Sucessfully initialized. Not running inside Task Sequence.
Error loading configuration file. OSDAppChooserConfig.xml - (0x800c0006) The system cannot locate the object specified.
OSDAppChooser exit.

For step one if I rename the config.xml back to the default and use the /appset switch it will work. but that defeats the purpose of being able to specify and use different config files.

Is there a specific syntax or order that I need?
I even tried putting both config files in the same directory, but was not able to load them unless I renamed them to OSDAppChooserConfig.xml.

based on that errors and the testing it seems the app is expecting the OSDAppChooserConfig.xml regardless if you use the switch or not


Feb 15, 2012 at 4:05 PM

Hi Victor,

Please use the new and greatly updated OSD AppTree which has superceded OSDAppChooser: