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Project Description
OSDAppChooser is a stand-alone application for choosing applications to install during a Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) Operating System Deployment (OSD) Task Sequence. It is developed in Visual C++ 2008 and uses MFC 8.0.

This is vNext of the OSDAppChooser previously posted on my blog ( I originally wrote OSDAppChooser using the AutoIT scripting language/tool because I wanted something quick, native, and capable of using COM. AutoIT fit the bill perfectly. As I started to contemplate adding features and functions though it quickly became apparent that AutoIT would no longer suffice. Thus was born OSDAppChooser 2.0. I would have loved to used C# or C++.Net, but alas, the .Net Framework is not availabe on Windows PE 2.1 which is the target platform. Thus, I went back to the tried, true, and much improved Visual C++ 2008 and MFC 8.0.

What's New in 2?
  • Tree of items used for application selection
  • Application groups
  • Mandatory applications and groups
  • Enhanced look
  • Resizable dialog
  • Configuration file, TS variable, and default application set configurable from the command line
  • Application set prompt configurable in the configuration file
  • Application installatio order explicity defined in the configuration file

Credit and acknowledgements:
Tree Icons: Diagona and Fugue icons sets ( and famfamfam Silk icons (
Dialog and Application Icons: Based on Onebit icons (

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